Mariposa Fernández

Mariposa Fernández accepting appointment as La Head of State of the New Hybrid State de Nuyol.

María Mariposa Fernández’s speech accepting the position of Head of State of
El New Hybrid State de Nuyol from El Spirit Republic de Puerto Rico

Hermanas y hermanos queridas y queridos, Felicitaciones! It is a great honor honor to be here today in our great sovereign Boricua Nation. Today we acknowledge the presence of our ancestors, the presence of our elders, the presence of our present Puerto Rican power, the presence of our youth, the presence of the unborn and the presence of all possibilities and all that we yet cannot see in the collective creative consciousness of our free imaginations as we step forward into the rainbow of new insights.

I humbly accept the position as the Head of State of El New Hybrid State de Nuyol, El Spirit Republic de Puerto Rico. I would like to thank the Honorable Rev. Pedro Pietri, Adál Maldonado of El Puerto Rican Embassy and all my supporters for nominating me to be Head of State, the state of unconfusion, the state of our subterraneo collective creative consciousness, where we are free to rhyme anytime in any place, space and in your face for we form the power of a holy trinity race. Yes our ancestors slaved but there were those who prayed like the Hopi who prophesized that there shall be a people, a rainbow people who will help save humanity so we embrace our Boricua divinity today in the Nuyorican Café!

I stand here as the powerful Boricua woman that I am to maintain without shame traditional political nepotism. I therefore shall look out for my sisters first and banish the curse of patriarchy. So I call on Atabey moon energy and declare a Boricua Matriarchy! As Head of State I declare the devious marketing of misogynist corporations banned, banishing the forced sterilization of our wombs by outside forces, the experimental hormonal birth control attempts at genocide, all beauty norm complejos, the notion of pelo malo, the manufacture of tampons which contain fiberglass to make us bleed more as companies such as Always, Kotex, Stay Free, make money galore on the senseless loss of our precious blood, the blood of our matriarchy!
All mujeres shall bleed freely! Of course freedom of choice shall be fiercely protected, all forms of domestic violence, battery, stalking, mental and verbal abuse, sexual harassment, child sexual abuse, and rape shall be outlawed, pending the counsel of my all female advisory cabinet. I shall consider castration of men who use the penises as weapons instead of the instruments of love the great mother Goddess Atabey intended.

I name, to maintain without shame traditional nepotism, my twin sister MelleSol as my right hand woman, a master mind in her own right. I appoint as our official Madrina Artista Sandra María Esteves to help us guide us in guiding our own light, LES Councilwoman Margarita López and Senator Nydia Velásquez to continue the fight against the bombing of Vieques and all the threats of birthright to be free and to protect our community from the Fascism of Fooliani and the police brutally of New York Shitty I appoint the powerful Warixi to be Secretary of Defense and Head of the cojelo con take it easy committee.

Maria Mariposa Fernández, 2000
Head of State of El New Hybrid of State de Nuyol